22Oth Judicial District Court Judge


 County Judge
     Precinct 1
     Precinct 2
     Precinct 3
     Precinct 4
 County Clerk
 County Appraiser
 Justice of Peace
     Precinct 1
     Precinct 3
     Precinct 1
     Precinct 3 Vacant
 County Treasurer
 County Auditor
 County Attorney
 County Tax Assessor- Collector
 County Sheriff


220th Judicial District Court*


District Attorney

District Judge

District Clerk


*The 220th Judicial District is composed Bosque, Comanche and Hamilton counties.

District Judge
The Honorable
Shaun Carpenter

101 W. Central

 Comanche, TX 76442-3263

Telephone Comanche Office  (325) 356-5202
Telephone Meridian Office  (254) 435-2382

Telephone Hamilton Office  (254) 386-1280

Fax Comanche Office Fax: (325) 356-2150

The District Judge hears felony criminal cases, divorces, adoptions and civil cases (over $5,000).


 Revised: March 10, 2019